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Our Games

Our games

All games are self-played, you can purchase a game and start playing immediately. For reservations, prices and more information, click on the requested game

Museum Quest

Museum Quest

An escape game takes place at the First Aliyah Museum in Zichron Yaacov

Following Zichron Treasures

Following Zichron Treasures

An independent smartphone based escape game in the pedestrian street

Quest, Codes & Rock'n'roll

Quest, Codes & Rock'n'roll

An online escape game whose content is based on the international music domain

Around the world in 87 minutes

Around the world in 87 minutes

An online game that integrates a trip in the world with Google Maps


“Following Zichron Treasures” game starts in “Yad Lameyasdim garden“.

The Museum Quest “Tsozfen Harishonim” takes place at the First Aliyah Museum, 2nd Hanadiv st., in Zichron Ya’acov.


Independent activity, all week long


Phone: we apologize, but for now there is no daily phone answering, you can send an email and we will answer within 24 hours.


See details in the information about each game / activity.


A bit of history
The Baron’s Code is one of the pioneers of escape games in Israel. Established in early 2015, the place was part of defining of a new hit in the attractions world – escape rooms, and the rooms that were set up there were among the first to reveal the fun game to the public. The “Baron’s Treasure” and “The secrets of the scrolls” escape rooms were closed after hosting a large crowd, and today the place offers various independent escape games.

The variety of games today
“Following Zichron Treasures” – a smartphone-based street game, Museum quest and online games that can be held from home, office or anywhere else.

See more information about our games detailed on the page of each one of them.