Code Name Jacob

Street quest – a game full of action across the beautiful pedestrian street of Zichron. Based on the escape room concept, but in the open area – a game that incorporates a fiction mystery into the urban reality.

For orders – call 0722-409004 or send e-mail.

Yaroko-S is a radical environmental protection organization that has recently begun to escalate the nature of its activities and threatens to carry out destructive actions. Intelligence reports indicate that the organization’s next target is to explode a parking lot full of vehicles (“the polluting enemy”) using a bomb hidden in a vehicle in the parking lot.

You – OBTS investigators (Out of the Box Thinking Squad) were recruited for the classified operation and your goal is to locate the bomb quickly, and neutralize it! You should hurry, the bomb is ticking…

This is an escape room style game that takes place on the pedestrian street of Zichron Yaacov – the challenge and enjoyment of playing in escape rooms is combined with an original game in the open area!

The game will be escort by our team who will provide all game accessories and assistance if necessary during the game.

Suitable for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of about 120 people (in groups of about 6-7 participants).

The duration of the game is one hour and a half (net) and is preceded by an introduction of about ten minutes. Ideal for groups of friends, staff or families with children (for couples we offer the game “Following Zichron Treasures“).

Escape games can be booked any day of the week. No prior knowledge or experience in escape games is required.



4 participants: 470 NIS
5 participants: 510 NIS
6 participants: 550 NIS
Up to 12 participants: 1050 NIS
Up to 18 participants: 1500 NIS
Up to 24 participants: 1920 NIS
Up to 30 participants: 2330 NIS
Up to 40 participants: 3000 NIS
Up to 50 participants: 3740 NIS

Weekends and Holidays

4 participants: 470 NIS
5 participants: 510 NIS
6 participants: 550 NIS
עד 12 participants: 1050 NIS
עד 18 participants: 1500 NIS
עד 24 participants: 1920 NIS
עד 30 participants: 2330 NIS
עד 40 participants: 3000 NIS
עד 50 participants: 3740 NIS

Price includes introduction, communication with the operator in real time and game accessories.