Following Zichron Treasures

An independent smartphone based escape game in the pedestrian street

Come for a hike in Zichron Yaacov and add more value to your trip: discover the treasures of Zichron which are hidden in the beautiful pedestrian zone and in the picturesque alleys next to it.

Using puzzles and clues taken from the escape games concept, you should reach to sites in Zichron and identify elements around you that will help you decipher and progress to your next task.

This escape game takes place in the pedestrian street – in the open area – and allows you to enjoy the challenge and the views around you while activating your legs and mind at the same time.

This is an independent escape game, utilizing a smartphone (no app installation is required). You can devote as much time to the game as you like, so that you can enjoy it while relaxing in the game area and stopping for ice cream or a meal.

The game is perfect for couples, groups of friends or families with children (children age 8-9 and above can understand and enjoy the game) and is available in a standard version or an advanced version with a higher level of difficulty (one version – the standard one – is available for English speakers).

It is recommended to play up to 6 participants together (larger groups will be able to split and play at the same time).

By purchasing the game you will receive a code that will allow you to run the game on multiple devices.

The game begins near “Yad Lameyasdim Garden”. You can park in the available parking spots near the cemetery or in one of the parking lots in the area (Pisgat Zichron Mall, Granot parking lot).

When to play: the game is available in every day and every hour, however we recommend planning so that you’ll finish the game before dark.

What to bring: some paper and a pen, reading glasses (for those who needs them). Water, comfortable clothes and walking shoes, at least one or two (in each game group) will bring with them a smartphone with a charged battery for the purpose of the game. For afternoon activities, it is recommended to bring a mosquito repellent.

Price: 180 NIS. To play, access the game: pay using credit card and start playing immediately.