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The Baron’s Code is a complex of Escape Rooms located in Zichron Yaakov at the site of the former Graph Hotel – a legendary landmark whose roots lie deep in the history of this picturesque colony. Our idea was inspired by the appealing concept that has conquered the world; however we ourselves have developed our unique game content, including our range of original and diverse activities.

At The Baron’s Code, “thinking outside the box” is not a cliché but a living reality …and this is your assigned task. Brace yourselves for entry into a chamber immersed in mystery and sealed with a code. You have 60 minutes to crack it.

The game inspires creative thinking and teamwork with a fun, enjoyable, and hands-on approach. It allows each player to participate using his/her unique skills, such as a talent for verbal teasers or an excellent memory, mastery in coordinating and organizational skills or a great sense of all things technical.

A successful mission calls for the entire spectrum of skills, with all participants taking part in the action, and together ensuring the path to victory!


At The Baron’s Code, we have four escape rooms – The Baron’s treasure (two identical rooms) and Secrets of the Scroll (two identical rooms).


May 1948. The eve of the Establishment of the State. At Independence Hall
in Tel Aviv, the State Council is convening to declare the Establishment of the State and to sign the Scroll of Independence.
Amongst the drafters of the scroll was a gentleman who chose to remain behind the scenes and is therefore not acknowledged by history. This was not by chance. His name – Yeoyakim Klausner, a descendant of an old and esteemed family, that for generations has carried upon its shoulders one of the greatest secrets of our nation – the location of the second temple treasures.
After the destruction of the second temple, all precious temple vessels– the Ark of the Covenant and all valuables used in temple rituals in Jerusalem – went astray. Since the 6th century AD there are no records of their whereabouts. No one knows the secret of their location but for the noble Klausner family, that has passed it down from generation to generation. Upon the establishment of the State of Israel, Klausner took it upon himself to codify clues as to the location of the treasure. These coded clues are to be found hidden amongst the words of the most important document to date of the State in the Making – The Scroll of Independence.
Your mission will be to locate the Scroll of Independence and within it, the clues that will lead you to escape the room and reach the location of the Second Temple treasures. But you need to hurry – antiques looters have the same idea in mind, and are making their way there right now. If they get there before you, the treasure’s fate is in danger! We are relying on you – so get to work!

This game is recommended for a group of 3-7 participants.


Legend has it that in the early days of Zichron Yaakov at the site of the renowned and legendary Graf Hotel, a cache of gold bars was concealed.
One of the first residents of the colony happened by chance upon this precious treasure. Since they weren’t really his, and being uneasy at the thought of anyone else finding them, he secretly stashed them away and devised an intricate coded system to safeguard them, leaving them forever protected and secure. To this day, just a tiny scattering of his descendants holds the secret to the code. However, the building holding the treasure is about to be demolished and replaced by a profitable shopping mall. Your mission is to lay hands on the gold before the bulldozers do. Hurry! The clock is ticking….

This game is recommended for a group of 2-6 participants.


Has it fallen on your shoulders to organize a recreation day for your department?

All the regular attractions and ideas have been exhausted and you’d like to “invent the wheel,” so to speak, and provide an unusual and exhilarating experience?

The Baron’s Code offers the ideal pastime for groups looking for that quality and challenging experience! The Escape Room will testify to the true meaning of teamwork and synergy, all infused with excitement and fun.

Are you the head of social and want to surprise your colleagues with something novel? Something that will not only strengthen bonding, but will entertain them, get the adrenalin pumping and create excitement and team spirit? Wondering how to demonstrate the importance of goals, decision making, and working under pressure in a light-hearted and entertaining way?

At The Baron’s Code, employees will play a game of social reality, in which they will contend with drawing from a plethora of skills and talents with respect to each unique player, and which will ultimately lead them to achieve their goal – deciphering   the code of the lock and successfully escaping within 60 minutes!!!

The game inspires collective thinking, consolidates bonds, and improves teamwork in a hands-on and enjoyable manner. Each employee contributes using his/her unique skills – the guy from finance has a talent for verbal puzzles and his vice-head has a remarkable photographic memory, the office manager has great organizational skills and you have a highly developed technical sense…our game incorporates all these skills, so that the players will be well on the way to a victorious outcome!!

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Looking to go out with your university mates? With your army pals? Looking for an original idea for a birthday bash, a bachelor’s party or celebrating an army discharge? The Baron’s Code offers you an unusual and exhilarating experience with your friends that will linger on—even when the adrenaline stops pumping.

Throughout the game you will contend with tasks, drawing from a plethora of skills and talents with respect to each unique player, and which will ultimately lead you closer to achieving your goal – deciphering the code of the lock and successfully escaping within 60 minutes!!! Amazing, exhilarating and packed with adrenaline…
Are you an expert at deciphering verbal clues? Does your boyfriend possess a sharp, photographic memory? Has your good friend a good technical sense? Does your sister-in-law have a knack for attention to detail? Excellent! Our game incorporates all these skills, so that the group will be well on their way to a victorious outcome!
Tip from the Baron- Combine the game with a feature filled day …! Zichron Yaakov and surrounds are brimming with attractions, coffee houses and restaurants so that you can experience an exciting, varied and unforgettable day. Need recommendations? Our staff will be happy to be of service!
Recommendation from Orna – I am not good at riddles – I was sure I’d mess up, but what’s wonderful with the game is that everyone has a chance at being good at it! Just think outside the box and combine the strengths of everyone in the group. We laughed like crazy and were amazed time after time. We don’t stop talking about it.

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Looking for a unique fun activity with your significant other? Want that sparkle of shared enjoyment and laughter, discovering aspects of each other you never knew existed, to prove to yourselves that together, in a co-operative environment, you can overcome every challenge? At The Baron’s Code you will encounter an authentic and delightful way to strengthen your shared perseverance and utilize your skills to the maximum. You’d be surprised to discover your hidden abilities as a couple….

At The Baron’s Code you will experience a game of social reality that is exhilarating and out of the ordinary, during which you will contend with a plethora of skills and talents with respect to both of you, and which will ultimately lead you closer to achieving your goal – deciphering the code of the locked room and escaping within 60 minutes!!!
Tip from the Baron – Incorporate your day with additional fun! The surrounds of Zichron Yaakov are brimming with attractions, coffee houses and restaurants so that you can experience an exciting, varied and unforgettable day! Need recommendations? Our staff will be happy to be of service!
Recommendation from Osnat – No holiday bungalow can forge such connections between the two of you…I simply felt that it was my husband and me conquering the world – we united our strengths, established a common mindset, and together unraveled all the riddles – we emerged satisfied and believing more than ever in our abilities! For a whole hour, I disconnected from my children and thoughts of piles of laundry… warmly recommended for all couples!

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Are you keen for a fun activity with the whole family, something that combines entertainment with the out of the ordinary? Bingo! The Baron’s Code is your opportunity to experience quality family time, which is both challenging and unique, an experience that accommodates that family feel, garners your family synergy, unites and connects you, creating a wonderful bond between all family members.

At The Baron’s Code, experience with your children* an enjoyable and entertaining hour, an hour of quality time, fun and amusement, during which the family functions together as a team with a common purpose – deciphering the code of the lock and successfully escaping within 60 minutes!!!
Are you an expert at solving verbal puzzles? Has your oldest a sharp, photographic memory? Does your husband have a well developed sense of all things technical? Or your middle kid an eye for details? Excellent! Our game incorporates all these skills so that the whole family can proclaim the path to victory!

You’ll be amazed at the abilities and skills that surface in your family.

Tip from the Baron – It’s time for even more fun! Compete against each other or mix up the group. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with the extended family, or to enjoy an exhilarating and unifying experience with friends.
*Family games are for children over the age of 10.

Recommendation from Gilad – As a family with children aged 10 -17, we have very few opportunities for an activity together which everyone will enjoy. Here, my daughter really enjoyed the action of the search, and the boys eagerly pursued the more complex tasks, and we, the parents, enjoyed seeing the entire family having a great time together.

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You can purchase gift vouchers at The Baron’s Code. The voucher is viable for a year from the day of purchase and can be used for both games rooms, with prior arrangement . In order to purchase a voucher, please phone 0722-409004 and it will be emailed to you the same day.


From the midrachov (pedestrian mall) by foot – you will see signs directing you to our games rooms as you approach our building.
For those using WAZE – We are the building on your right once you arrive at your destination.

In both instances, the entrance is at the back of the building, off the parking area. Continue walking and turn right, circling the building until you see the glass front door.

The Baron’s Code can be found on the second floor if you use the elevator or the third floor by the stairs.


Parking in the area is free in most cases. You can park in the parking lot next to the building (for free),although at times parking may be difficult to find. Alternatively, there are additional parking options on the attached map. We’d like to suggest that you arrive a bit earlier in order to have time to find a spot. Please park in permitted laces only in order to avoid a fine and disruption of traffic.



Sun – Wed 10:00 – 21:30

Thu – Fri 10:00 – 23:30
Sat 11:00 – 22:30
Please reserve a room in advance


62 Hameyasdim Street near the midrachov (pedestrian mall)
Zichron Yaakov, 3091096



Phone: 0722-409004

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday 09:00 – 17:00

(Please leave a message on our voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can)
Fax: 0722-409003



Weekends & Holidays

Two players: 240 NIS
Three Players: 330 NIS
Four players: 390 NIS
Five players: 440 NIS
Six players: 480 NIS
Seven players: 520 NIS


Two players: 220 NIS
Three Players: 300 NIS
Four players: 360 NIS
Five players: 400 NIS
Six players: 450 NIS
Seven players: 490 NIS

Special rates for companies and organizations and for large groups.
Reservations for large groups require signing a reservation form.
For private customers, payment in advance is required when reserving a room. (Cancellations or postponements may be made up to 48 before the reservation time with a full refund)