Quest, Codes & Rock’n’roll

An online escape game whose content is based on the international music domain.

The game uniqueness is that it combines familiarity with the music domain along with the escape games concept. The puzzles will contain songs, artists and other motifs come from the world of creating music.

The musical knowledge requires to solve the puzzles ranges from common knowledge that most people hold to advanced knowledge which typically exists only within experts in the domain. However, no lack of musical knowledge may become an obstacle on succeeding the game as external online assistant can always be used where needed (an example is demonstrated in the video below).

The game is perfect for couples, groups of friends or families with children (ages 8-9 and up), recommended for a game of about 2-5 participants (larger groups can play in parallel). At each stage if you strugle with the puzzels you can always take clues that are an integral part of the game.

The game requires a computer with an Internet connection and a sound / speaker card (the game is also available on phones, but for your convenience it is recommended to use at least one computer). It is essential that there will be communication between all participants! You can use Zoom or similar for communicating between different locations, and of course browse multiple devices (according to the number of tickets you purchased) and talk on the phone if you are not in one place.

The game is available in Hebrew or English.

See prices and place an order in the below form (please note, the price is according to the number of devices used during the game).