The Baron’s Tips

A unique workshop focusing on concepts implemented in escape games that can be adapted into the “real world“.
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What can you learn from the escape games world?
Want to give yout staff exciting content with added value?

The phrase “thinking outside the box” is frequantly used everywhere in the recent years, but what actualy stands behind this popular but vague concept? What keeps us from getting out of the box and break thinking paterns? What can help us deal with those limits?

In the workshop we will use the escape rooms microcosm and combine live and funny examples from this world of content to understand these topics and learn how to adapt skills to break down barriers and turn them into practical tools and methods in the organization.

The workshop provides parctical recommendations on the subject, and shows how through daring, creativity, reading between the lines and breaking barriers in thinking methods, it is possible to significantly improve processes in the organization and improve performance and accuracy.

The workshop takes approximately one hour and can take place anywhere.
The workshop can be tailored to the client needs and requests, for example:

    • Integrate concrete daily examples from the specific content domain of the participating organization.
    • Define the level of interactivity of the activity – provide it as a lecture or alternatively as a dialogue where the participants are asked to be active.
    • There is a version focused on the sports world and brings examples and content from this domain.


The workshop is available in Hebrew or English.

The workshop is led by Maoz Mussel – the creaqtor of the Baron’s Code games, a graduate of an extensive managerial career in the high-tech industry, and combine rational analytical abilities along with creativity and mental flexibility.